Volunteering your time and services to a condo/homeowners association can be rewarding and satisfying, yet challenging at times. Residents and board members often may not see eye to eye on certain topics and make it clear they have different demands which make it difficult to balance. The sole purpose of a homeowners association (HOA) is to manage the quality of the community allowing for a suitable and organized place to live and Condo Communications Center’s community management software is an essential tool to have, and we can have some useful tips to have a successful HOA.

  1. Put the community first. Residents want to feel safe, secure, heard, and considered. As an HOA member, you are volunteering your time to do just that for your community’s residents. To rise above your own needs and put others before you is the true definition of volunteerism, and residents will be extremely grateful for your efforts.
  2. Stay connected. Homeowners appreciate transparency and want to be kept in the loop about the latest news in their community. Keep residents, board members, and property managers all on the same page. Our online property management software serves as a communication center as well. Community residents can send messages via text or email to property managers. HOA members can schedule meetings, post upcoming events, and reminders directly to the site, eliminating the need for emails and flyers. Residents will find comfort in knowing that their HOA cares about them enough to keep open lines of communication, your HOA meetings may become more straightforward.
  3. Create committees and encourage homeowners to get involved. Residents are more willing to get involved if there are committees set up that directly impacts them. Some committees to consider could be security, social events, landscape, etc.
  4. Have a mission and stick to it. HOA members find themselves diffusing a lot of situations and it can be too easy to bend the rules in order to satisfy some members. Treat your HOA meetings like you would treat a business meeting—take everyone’s ideas into consideration, but abiding to the association’s mission will help keep all of the differing opinions on track.
  5. Show your appreciation. As simple as it sounds, gratitude goes a long way. A genuine “thank you” to the community’s residents for their attendance, concerns, and suggestions is extremely appropriate. Residents are compelled to return the gesture and feel a sense of confidence in their HOA, ultimately making HOA board members’ jobs a lot easier.

Property managers, homeowner and condo association management have a lot to keep track of in their communities, including resident satisfaction. By following these steps, your HOA will thrive. Condo Communications Center has made it even easier to manage condo communities throughout the United States and Canada, by compiling all of the important components into one integrated association management software. Get started today and open your association to a secure, private application. Condominium, Co-op, Strata, and homeowner association will have a centralized location to manage documents, making it easier for residents to live comfortably.