Condominium Corporations in are subject to Provincial legislation and also, their own specific Bylaws. Unfortunately, the many legislated provisions under these Acts of law are subject to little if any enforcement.

Not all issues are of an internal nature. Municipal taxation and other regulations with negative impact, are an ever increasing concern to Condominium Corporations and their unit owners. It is the responsibility of the board to be proactive in addressing these issues.

The purpose of this site is to provide a convenient forum to provide condominium unit owners with an opportunity to voice their concerns over those issues that relate to their ownership interest in their Corporation.

Both unit owners and board members are encouraged to use this forum to communicate their opinions as they relate to any particular issue requiring attention of the board. Contribution of information and interactive participation in discussion of these issues on this site is most welcome with the objective being resolution of outstanding issues. The board is encouraged to use the site as a convenient venue for providing any relevant information or reports to their unit owners.