As a property manager, apartment property management software streamlines your daily tasks in leasing, rent, and maintenance, but building a community atmosphere in the complex can be challenging at times. After all, you’re on the front lines for these families, as one-third of the population lives in an apartment, so it’s imperative to help facilitate a strong sense of community and empower tenants to do so as well.

Building strong community is a win-win situation for everyone. Being in property management, occupancy goals are more easily achieved because your complex is more highly sought after. As a result, stabilized rent and targeting return on investment is positively impacted. As a tenant, social connections are improved and neighbors are more inclined to lend a helping hand. How, do you then, facilitate and build community? Below are suggestions to ignite community in any apartment complex.

Building a community

People are moving into your complex for all sorts of reasons, but when you move, it’s stressful, especially if you’ve moved from out of state. Isolation hits tenants, so here a couple of ideas to help people feel more at home in their new home.

  • Create a bulletin board in a common space – Place a bulletin board in a common space such as the leasing office or front desk area, post about things to do, or what’s happening in the neighborhood. Allow tenants to add to it as well.
  • Utilize social media – Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a perfect place to promote events at the complex.
  • Use your cell phone – Using your phone with tenants may be more difficult to set up, but eventually can become your biggest ally. You’re the property manager, so you’re in the know. If people are going out to get a quick bite to eat or are doing last minute bowling, send out a group text to those who’ve given permission.
  • Create weekly events – Building community takes consistency and perseverance, so creating weekly events will be helpful. It can be as informal as happy hour at a local brewery, or more formal as Saturday morning yoga in the property’s green space or recreation room. Whatever you decide to do, show up every week.
  • In addition to weekly events, get your tenants outside. Arrange a group hike or climbing trip; outdoor activities help foster relationships. You could also consider setting up an apartment complex indoor soccer league or tennis tournament.
  • Help connect people – In your complex you have connections with all the tenants and overhear conversations, so make a point to listen and connect tenants with each other. If someone has mentioned they’re looking for a band to play in, and you happen to know a band that plays in the complex, make that connection!

How Condo News Center can help

Condo News Center is here to help consolidate your daily tasks as a property manager through the apartment property management software, so you can focus on building a strong community in your complex.