Association management is exciting as it is challenging, especially in a world that relies on immediate action. The majority of the public, at the very least, has a mobile device that connects people to everything in their life; bank accounts, social media, email, trending news, you name it, everything in our lives is accessible right at our fingertips. Bills are even payable online. Everything has become virtual, and your homeowner’s association and property management shouldn’t be any different. We’re going to explain how valuable a property management software can add value to your association.


If it’s not obvious by now, people today demand replies and answers immediately. Association management software is an efficient tool for managers to communicate directly with tenants for current messages and property announcements. Social media has become a common place to post property messages and allows the public to reach out directly to resident associations. The problem is, everything is too public on social media. The last thing you want to see on your Facebook site are negative comments or questions irrelevant to the property association itself. Software programs such as ours, Condo Communications Center offers a messaging feature which opens the door to leave messages that property managers can respond to tenants in a prompt and timely—and private—manner. Additionally, property managers can keep tenants informed regarding residential complex in a central location. Gone are the days of fliers and door-to-door newsletters that can be easily disregarded or thrown away by mistake. Plus—it’s eco-friendly!


Believe it or not, but investing in a property management software draws a lot of tenants’ attention. As mentioned earlier, we live in a high-demanding society and anything that can make tenants’ renting responsibilities easier, is incredibly appealing. Not only can property managers reach potential renters quicker, but renters can rest assured that maintenance requests will be responded to and handled timely. One of the most appealing features of our community management software, is tenants have access to live 24/7 video broadcasting. That means that people can login from home or on-the-go to monitor the property. Now your property complex has become that much more appealing! Live, real-time monitoring provides a comforting factor that even potential renters will gain interest.


Make your lives easier! We understand firsthand that managing property complexes, no matter the size is challenging. There isn’t need to go into everything that is required to keep track of a rental community because there is a lot—which is why investing in an association management software is a no-brainer. Condo Communications Center keeps everything all in one place. Property managers can easily manage residents’ documents and property information and can access it all by smartphone or tablet.

Whether you manage a complex of ten units or a few hundred, Condo Communications Center community management software is the program your association needs. The benefits are astounding to tenants, potential renters, leasing agents and association managers. The investment is easily affordable as it is to use. Simplify your association and renters’ lives, purchase Condo Communications Center’s professional property management software today!