Our REMOTE MONITORING solution consists of wireless sensors, gateways and monitoring software, to offer a complete remote monitoring system. Wireless sensors can be used to monitor operations of your mechanical systems to give you real time data.

View sensor information from anywhere, anytime through a computer, tablet or smart phone. Our system can also provide immediate alerts via email or text message. It can also call your phone when predefined conditions you’ve set are met or exceeded. 24/7 access from anywhere! Configure, monitor and manage all of your sensors (over 70 available) from a portal on your own COMMUNICATIONS CENTER site. Monitor temperatures, pressures, vibration, water leakage, motion and many other sensor points to protect your building’s mechanical systems.

ALL PROPERTIES are subject to 24/7 concerns over the failure of mechanical system components including HVAC system components, and many other serious incidents such as water damage. Remote monitoring of building mechanical components, will help relieve such tensions. Be proactive, and prevent unnecessary failures of your mechanical systems. Demonstrate implementation of our monitoring service and qualify for reductions in your insurance premiums!

RESIDENT/TENANT/MEMBER ALERTS can also be sent from a sensor (hand held/on necklace, etc.) via email/text OR VOICE to management or other designated number requesting immediate attention.

Please visit our REMOTE MONITORING feature on the left hand menu of our DEMO SITE to review this very important feature of our service.

Monitoring of sensors is included with a minimal monthly fee.

  1. Email  for your monitoring account user name and password or call 1-844-774-2055.
  2. For pricing, call 1-844-774-2055 or email