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Customized Communication Centers

For Libraries

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Send Updates To Members & Staff With A Secure Communication System

Say goodbye to costly printing and photocopying fees! With a customized online communication center, you’ll be able to safely and securely send text messages, emails, and voice messages to your library members and staff on one centralized platform. Update your members on new book groups and author talks seamlessly with the touch of a button. If you have a security camera system, you can integrate it with your communication center to be viewed by members and guests 24/7, improving the comfort and security of your library.

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Why Work With Communication Centers?

 You Can Create Your Own Self-branded Communication Center

 With Voice, Text & Email Broadcast Messaging, Your Tenants Will Never Be Out Of The Loop

 You’ll Have Access To Live 24/7 Webcam Broadcasting For Optimal Security

 With Centralized File Sharing, You Can Share News & Information Quickly

 Our Software Can Be Used For Any Size Business

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