Finding a secure and flexible online communication center for your property or association can be tricky, but with Communication Centers, it doesn’t have to be. With our revolutionary software, you can streamline your communication efforts to easily and effectively reach the people you need to reach, when you need to reach them. With an innovative interface that is easy to understand and operate, you can centralize the access of files, videos, events, and messages on your very own branded website. This means that you can update your staff, tenants, clients, and community members with the simple touch of a button.

Other benefits of our association management software:

  • It’s extremely secure and private, offering you an online space to share sensitive information without the worry of outside cyber hackers.
  • You can completely customize your communication center with your own brand name.
  • Your online management system is smartphone and tablet accessible, offering convenience for your owners, tenants, clients, customers, and staff.
  • Our communication center software can be used for any size business.

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Our Online Communication Center is ideal for:

Key Features

News Feed

When you build your very own custom communication center with our team, you’ll be able to update a real-time news feed that will keep your community in the loop of upcoming changes, events, and notices. Send updates to all of your members, tenants or clients on current news and information that will be
of interest to them.


Whether you run a local retail shop or you’re in charge of the board meetings at your community library, our custom communication center allows you to share your mission with the world on a secure and centralized platform. Educate your clients, staff, and members about why you do what you do, and what you hope to accomplish by offering them a centralized online space to share ideas.


Keep a running list of contacts, tenants, customers, parents, staff, and more with your own branded online communication center. Our centralized software allows you to create contact lists, making it easier than ever to send out company updates, holiday specials, construction notifications, and updated policies.


Say goodbye to printer and copier fees with an online management software from Communication Centers. With our centralized property management software, you’ll be able to share important documents that you’d otherwise have to mail or distribute by hand to your property tenants or company employees. With the simple click of a button, your community can download important notices and always stay in the loop with changes.


Keep member, company or association events visible to your members by linking your current Google calendar to our association management software. We’ve found this function to be very helpful to all categories of communication centers in keeping their members or clients informed and up to date.


With an easy to use media gallery, you’ll be able to share photos and videos with your members or clients in one centralized location. This feature is great for any property, association or community to hold events and share media with those on their contact list. This is also a fantastic way for schools to share photos of children with parents.

Text, Voice & Email Messaging

When you build your own custom online management center with Communication Centers, you’ll be able to message your community via voice, text message, and email whenever you like. This eliminates the need to send multiple emails to employees or client lists, making your job easier and less stressful.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring functionality is truly unique, as it allows you to monitor the operations of your mechanical systems, giving you real-time data. Whether you need to monitor temperatures, pressures, vibration, motion, or water leakage, this feature can save you thousands of dollars in annual costs and repairs. We offer 24/7 video monitoring and broadcasting for occupant security. The video broadcasting feature may also be used to broadcast special events including general meetings. Click here for an overview.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Your Communication Center further enables you to conduct surveys and voting via prepared voice calls where your members can respond by touching a key 1-10 on their phone to respond. Detailed reports are then provided to you following the survey. Call Us and we will set your survey up for you.