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Communication Centers For Condos, Stratas & HOA's

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Keep Your Owners & Tenants Up-To-Date With
A Custom Communication Center

Whether you own a condominium building in a downtown area or you’re in charge of managing an HOA in the suburbs, it’s important to keep your residents up-to-date on announcements, meetings, and building changes. When you work with us, we can help you create a customized communication center that securely allows you to share information such as financial statements, management reports, etc.

Property Management companies can establish an online central communications center providing each of their property managers and their assistants with their own real time monitoring and overview of each of their properties from one central location. The monitoring center provides your management team with access to real time monitoring of sensors within properties that provide constant real time data from mechanical systems, reducing inspection costs dramatically. Further, real time 24/7 monitoring of security cameras with recorded video can be viewed at any time on your communications center. A private online central monitoring center simplifies the monitoring process and is in turn a major time saver for management, providing substantial savings every month!

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Why Work With Communication Centers?

 You Can Create Your Own Self-branded Communication Center

 With Voice, Text & Email Broadcast Messaging, Your Members Will Never Be Out Of The Loop

 You’ll Have Access To Live 24/7 Webcam Broadcasting For Optimal Security

 With Centralized File Sharing, You Can Share News & Information Quickly

 Our Software Can Be Used For Any Size Business

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