Whether you are a property owner or you work as a property manager—it is likely that your property and tenants’ security and safety is high on your priority list. The reality we face today is you never know when your property will be the target of destruction by a tenant or a vandal. Even though property managers require tenants to sign leases and agreements to prevent harm to the property, you never know how tenants will treat your property.


As a leading association management software company, Condo News Center knows the importance of keeping residents safe, and preventing harm to properties. Our property management software is equipped with features that will keep your HOA and property management running smoothly, as well as provide a sense of security to you and residents alike. If you are are looking to upgrade your property management software program and are considering installing security cameras, then continue reading through this article to learn how and why security cameras can benefit your property.


Should I Install Security Cameras On My Property?

All it takes is one damaging incident to occur on your property to put you in the hole for costly repairs. As a property manager or member of the HOA, you are held more responsible to ensuring tenants’ safety and protecting the property or residence. Although security cameras may not always prevent people from causing harm, they can serve as a tool to look back on should there be any vandalism, crime, or anything else that would happen on your property. If and when you notice damage to your property, referring to your security footage in an effort to identify the culprit can help in holding someone liable for the damages and costs. Secondly, but still important, your tenant’s will rest easier knowing that their security is in your best interest, and their homes are being monitored while they are away.


The Benefits of Security Cameras  

Condo News Center aims to keep property managements and residents’ best interest in mind. Our property management software enhances the resident comfort of security by live broadcasting through webcams and security cameras all on your website. Additionally, Condo News Center is smartphone and tablet accessible, so all of the property management program features, including video broadcasting, are available at your fingertips 24/7. Other benefits of installing security cameras on your property include:


  • Deter crime from occurring. Many potential criminals will flee or resist damaging property as soon as a security camera is noticed on the property.
  • Ease your curiosity of what might be occurring while you’re away.
  • Gather evidence/proof of damage to support a claim with an insurance company or for legal purposes.
  • Keep the property and maintenance staff accountable for their work.
  • Video surveillance and recordings could save you money on insurance premiums, simply by installing security cameras on and around the property.


Where To Install Security Cameras

Although you are the property owner, there are privacy laws that landlords, property owners, and HOAs must follow when it comes to installing security cameras.  Condominiums, apartment complexes and other multi-dwelling buildings allow security cameras to be installed in common, public areas such as: walkways, courtyards, the clubhouse, parking lot, and hallways. By streaming the security footage online through your property management software, it shows tenants that the cameras they’ve noticed throughout the complex and property are going to good use, reassuring them that their safety is a priority to you.


Studies show that the security camera’s performance depends on how they are setup, the location of the cameras, and how the footage is monitored. It’s true that criminals are more likely to commit a crime like vandalism or theft when they feel they are not being watched. When tenants have live access to the video broadcasting, the probability of someone noticing and catching suspicious activity is pretty high.


When property managers invest in a highly-efficient property management software like Condo News Center to help manage condominiums and apartment complexes, their job to maintain the property is much easier. Our all-in-one system allows residents to engage with other tenants by providing updates and sharing news, as well as ensuring security for private information, and staying connected with the property management office. Be sure to check out our site and browse through our live demo to experience the most intuitive user-friendly property management software on the market! Visit Condo News Center today!