A must have for property, association and organization management

Communication Centers gives you the ability to control building or organization communications with tenants, employees and other affiliates. Broadcast messaging via email, text or voice provides instant and simultaneous contact whether with tenants, employees or others within the organization.

Your own private COMMUNICATIONS CENTER replaces outdated methods of communication and helps create a sense of community within your property or organization. Keep everyone informed with messaging of building or organization affairs, emergency alerts, holiday schedules, health and safety issues, etc. 24/7 wireless monitoring of mechanical & security systems in available as well.

With today’s technology, there are constantly new and exciting ways to communicate in the business of property and organization management. It is imperative that these professionals keep up with the latest tools available to maintain and enhance communications with their affiliates.

Applications Include

Commercial Office Properties

Retail & Office Malls

Industrial Properties

Municipal-Cities, Towns, Villages & Resort Communities

Schools, Churches, Libraries

Retirement Communities

Recreation Centers, Clubs & Associations

Lodging Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Non Profit Organizations

Professional Associations

Franchisor/Franchisee Communications


Two primary objectives in commercial property management include securing of new tenants and sustaining existing tenants. Staying current with today’s available technology in tenant communication is very much a key to success with these objectives. Constant efforts to improve the tenant experience by advancing the means of communication must be a top priority.

Tenants and their employees want to be kept fully informed of building activities on a regular basis. They appreciate knowing in advance about fire alarm and sprinkler inspections, water shutoffs, construction impact within the building, etc. They want to be kept current with changing building regulations, health, safety, parking and many other issues that may impact them.

COMMUNICATIONCENTERS.COM provides an extensive communications program with features that will advance your tenant communications in a very meaningful way. A positive and transparent building community makes life much easier for everyone.


Associations now have a simple and easy to use COMMUNICATION CENTER to keep their members informed 24/7/365. Real time audio/video broadcast of live association events and VOICE/TEXT/EMAIL message broadcasting to your members are examples of the many communication tools available for efficient association management.

COMMUNICATIONCENTERS.COM provides any association or organization with the very same benefits including the following:

  1. News release and forum
  2. Bookings (for amenities including meeting rooms, recreational or other service facilities, etc.)
  3. Information and service requests
  4. Media center-includes videos, photos, etc.
  5. Document Management-Any document of interest to management and members of a particular organization can be accessed from the document registry.
  6. Broadcast Live-Members can view 24/7 common area video cameras. Security is always a concern to every organization. Live events can be monitored using web cams where absentee members can participate remotely via both audio and video.
  7. Private Services-Members can find service providers preapproved as respected and trustworthy.
  8. Instant and simultaneous email, text and voice message broadcasting can be used for management-member communications. Immediate communication of emergency alerts can easily be conducted using voice and text notifications.
  9. Remote monitoring of HVAC/SECURITY via wireless SENSORS is a primary feature of COMMUNICATIONCENTERS.COM. Management can monitor these sensors from anywhere including their own office or on mobile devices. EMERGENCY ALERT NOTIFICATIONS via email, text or voice communication demanding the immediate attention of listed members or contacts, can be issued IMMEDIATELY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY, providing support information to everyone.

There are more than 60 sensors available for monitoring and addressing the following issues:

» Prevent water leaks and damage by using water detection sensors
» Avoid pipe freezing through use of temperature sensors
» Monitor the activity of pumps, HVAC systems, or other machinery
» Enhance security by tracking movement in open spaces, walkways, etc.
» Be alerted if a door, window, cabinet, etc. is opened or left open
» Check lights in parking lots, garages, walk ways, etc. to minimize hazards

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