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Customized Communication Centers For Churches & Other Places Of Worship

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Streamline Your Communications To Members & Staff Easily

Looking for a way to securely send messages, calendar events, fundraising information, manage documents photos and videos, and communicate activities and special events to members and staff of your church or religious community? With a customized online communication center, you can easily send emails, text messages, and voice messages instantly and simultaneously. Remotely monitor your security cameras and wireless sensors on your mechanical systems right on your own communications center 24/7. Learn more by contacting us today.

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Why Work With Communication Centers?

 You Can Create Your Own Self-branded Communication Center

 With Voice, Text & Email Broadcast Messaging, Your Members Will Never Be Out Of The Loop

 You’ll Have Access To Live 24/7 Webcam Broadcasting For Optimal Security

 With Centralized File Sharing, You Can Share News & Information Quickly

 Our Software Can Be Used For Any Size Business

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