1. The Need for an Annual Audited Financial Report

    Condo corporations generally have a contract with an auditor who works on behalf of corporations independently of boards of directors and management companies. An owners’ search committee can select an auditor and present this choice to the AGM. Whatever the process of selection, the auditor has t…Read More

  2. Special Assessments and their Impact Upon the Sale of Your Condo

    Q. Does the size of the assessment make a difference? A. Size certainly does matter. The larger the assessment (generally) the larger the amount of work that is required. Sometimes this work is done over a period of time, and therefore the total cost of the assessment isn’t always known. Often t…Read More

  3. Bylaws and Legislation

    Condominium Corporations in are subject to Provincial legislation and also, their own specific Bylaws. Unfortunately, the many legislated provisions under these Acts of law are subject to little if any enforcement. Not all issues are of an internal nature. Municipal taxation and other regulations wi…Read More

  4. How To Have a Successful HOA

    Volunteering your time and services to a condo/homeowners association can be rewarding and satisfying, yet challenging at times. Residents and board members often may not see eye to eye on certain topics and make it clear they have different demands which make it difficult to balance. The sole purpo…Read More

  5. Building Community in Your Apartment Complex

    As a property manager, apartment property management software streamlines your daily tasks in leasing, rent, and maintenance, but building a community atmosphere in the complex can be challenging at times. After all, you’re on the front lines for these families, as one-third of the population live…Read More

  6. 5 Ways Property Management Entices Buyers

    Think everyone hates HOAs? Think again! According to a national survey done for Community Associations Institute, more than 80% of respondents said they get a “good” or “great” return from their association, and more than 75% said that the HOA protects and even enhances their property values…Read More

  7. How (& Why!) to Join Your Homeowner’s Association

    There are millions of people in the United States who are currently living in apartments, condos, and single family homes governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA). These governing bodies help regulate the neighborhood, ensuring that a common set of rules are followed in order to protect home value…Read More