Feeling safe at home is a priceless feeling—but at what length will you go to ensure that your home and neighborhood are safe? Trimming trees and obstructing foliage and even updating your exterior lighting are simple improvements that can help make your home feel safer. But if you live in a townhome community, condominium, or apartment complex, then the property you live in most likely already has security monitoring systems installed.

Condo Communications Center is more than an association management software for HOAs and property managements, we have made residents safety and security a high priority. Our innovative HOA software has a unique live broadcasting security monitoring system that allows residents and board members to log in and check on their property 24/7. This feature, among the other benefits of our association management software, provides peace of mind to tenants that their residence is secure.

In addition to property managers and HOA committees installing security cameras throughout their property, tenants are putting home security systems and cameras in and around their homes specifically. While the reasoning makes perfect sense, there are some items to note before you take the initiative and install one in your condo.

Home Security And Your HOA

Resident’s safety, security, and privacy are standard values that every homeowners association aims toward. However, those values sometimes collide with other policies governed by the HOA, disallowing tenants to continue with their home security installations. The primary reason your HOA or property manager would prevent a home security system is due to an architectural policy that has been put in place. Installing any home security system and security cameras may alter the home’s exterior architecture, and will generally need a written approval from the HOA. In some communities, your application may be reviewed by the association’s attorney. In short, we recommend that you speak with your HOA and property managers before you sign a contract for a home security system.

A Few Questions To Ask
Before you decide to install a home security system at your condo or residence, you need to make a few considerations. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How necessary is it to get my own home monitoring system?
  • Will the lighting conditions outside suffice to deter possible intruders?
  • Where will the security cameras be placed and/or positioned?
  • Do I need a security camera, or just an interior home monitoring system?

The reasons these questions are important to ask yourself, is primarily because your property may already be equipped with its own security cameras. Before you go through the trouble of going through the HOA for approval, and then the installation, it may not even be needed. Especially if your property management company has an online property management software program like Condo Communications Center. The live broadcasting feature was added to alleviate any worry and stress tenants may feel regarding their home’s safety. Additionally, residents of the community will have password protected web access any time of the day. Even though a home security system could still be highly beneficial, your property’s security and monitoring system are added for peace of mind to property managers and residents alike.

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